I'm Looking For 5 High Achieving Busy Professional males 35+ Who Want To Transform From a high achieving professional
To A Leader And A Man Their Family and business Deserves

Elevate yourself from the ordinary realm of business to embody the essence of true leadership, becoming the man your family not only needs but truly deserves.

THE elite power moves PROGRAM

Transform from a high-achieving businessman to an exemplary leader and the man your family deserves with our comprehensive coaching program. Say goodbye to pain and preventable diseases, boost your EOFY earnings by 50k, cherish quality time with your children, and subtract 15 years from your biological age for a lifetime of fulfillment. Cultivate a healthy environment in your workplace because healthy leaders shape desirable workplaces. Elite Power Moves is tailored for leaders like you.

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  • ​​Access to Michael's Foundation M words to build a solid mindset around health 
  • ​Cortisol and Blood Work Testing to get to the bottom of any hidden health issues you are experiencing.
  • Full tax deductible claim on this entire program at the EOFY
  • Time mastery coaching to guarantee 10 to 15 hours back in your week
  • ​Think more clearly at work and increase your productivity 
  • ​Fully supported online individualised 3-month coaching program 
  • ​Personalised meal plans and nutrition support, customised to your Cortisol, Blood results and tailored to your lifestyle
  • ​Comprehensive Appointments with a Naturopath and Dietician
  •  ​Your own health tracker app, fitness testing etc,.
  • ​ Rewiring your subconscious unhealthy habits for life to have you being the best leader in your business there could be.
  • Lose dangerous visceral fat around heart and organs 
  • ​​Increase your natural testosterone levels 
  • ​​Get better sleep and increase your productivity
  • ​Online resource library with education videos around mindset, nutrition and exercise instruction and have Mick as your PT in your pocket 
  • ​Spend less time at work and spend more time doing what you love
  • ​​Group accountability check-ins and ongoing support to make sure you succeed despite temptations
  • ​​Money back % guarantee when you follow the program to the letter and lose the amount we determine is safe for you to lose during the program

I'm Looking For 5 High Achieving Busy Professional males 35+ Who Want To Transform From a high achieving professional
To A Leader And A Man Their Family and business Deserves

Elevate yourself from the ordinary realm of business to embody the essence of true leadership, becoming the man your family not only needs but truly deserves.

THE elite power moves PROGRAM

Transform from a high-achieving businessman to an exemplary leader and the man your family deserves with our comprehensive coaching program. Say goodbye to pain and preventable diseases, boost your EOFY earnings by 50k, cherish quality time with your children, and subtract 15 years from your biological age for a lifetime of fulfillment. 
Cultivate a healthy environment in your workplace because healthy leaders shape desirable workplaces. Elite Power Moves is tailored for leaders like you.

10X your Power!!!
 Avoid the Path to illness and burnout.

Michael O'Sullivan
Mind and Body Performance Coach


If you’re reading this letter then chances are that you are a man that’s maybe stacked on some weight or just arent in the type of peak condition you are used to, might be feeling burnt out at the end of the day, probably starting to notice that his health is declining and/or finding it difficult to get the time and energy to enjoy his family and maybe even not feeling desirable to your partner anymore.

Yet, as a leader in your business and as a man who loves his family you have realised that you need to take your power back, feel good and look good but you run into obstacles that stop you from getting your work/life balance under control.

The obstacle is figuring out how to look and feel as amazing in your body as you look and feel as a successful businessman.

That obstacle is figuring out how to incorporate healthy living with your already busy schedule.

That obstacle is figuring out how to attain the energy, admiration, strength and an amazing body without sacrificing the things that are important to you.

Why do most businessmen neglect their health and their wellbeing whilst chasing business success?

Why does it become so difficult to eat healthy meals or keep moving to keep you in shape? You seem to spend more time in meetings and behind the desk and less time focusing on keeping your body in shape and firing.

What’s the point of having wealth if you don’t have your health?

Why has it become so difficult to get yourself off the couch and into running around with your kids or taking a romantic walk with your wife?

Why has getting back into shape become an impossible task for you, only to leave you feeling tired and burned out.

The truth is, it’s not your fault.

Society has conditioned men just like you and I for centuries.
“As men, we have been led to believe that if we produce and make money, then we ultimately fulfil our role as a man inside our families and in society as well.”
That our role as a man is simply to produce and to make money

To buy a nice house, have nice things, provide for our family

And in exchange,

We get our wife’s love and support.

Our children love us.

We have buddies that we can have good times with

And we live happily ever after.

This all sounds great until along the way your health starts to decline.

All the success in the world doesn’t mean much if you are too sick to enjoy it.

Chances are, you’re stuck in a success loop.

You think that your health is something you can ignore, as long as you are fulfilling the expectations of society then you are doing well but the repercussions of being unhealthy start taking their toll.

You clothes stop fitting properly

You don’t recognise the man that stares back at you in the mirror
You stop feeling desirable

You are afraid to go see a doctor because you already know how unhealthy you are.

You don't want to take your shirt off at the beach.

You don't have energy to spend time with your family at the end of the day.

Your mindset is stuck in a loop of negative thoughts.

You have no focus.

You can’t be bothered on the weekends to do anything and your relationship with your friends is becoming almost non existent.

The big question is, how does this happen?

How does a man with an excellent life, winning in the game of business and money, become an unhealthy shell of the man they once were. Feeling undesirable, unhealthy, constantly tired and realising that a heart attack could be on the cards.

That answer brother, lies within these four stages of the success loop below.

There are 4 stages that you experience as a businessman that leads down the road of unhealthy and out of control life

and an increased risk of insulin resistance and thyroid problems.

Stage 1 - The Trigger

Your business has taken control of your life.

You spend all of your time working on your business and creating the vision of what a healthy business looks like and before you know it, the man behind the business has stopped being healthy.

Your wife seems less interested in sex with you and your testosterone level has decreased and your cortisol level has increased.

Your kids have learnt not to ask you to play

You are getting snappy at your employees

You never see your friends anymore

Walking up stairs is a horrible chore

Stage 2 - Confusion and catalyst

You experience great success at work but to get that success you are working more than you are living.

You grab whatever food you can get, ordering takeaway for most of your meals. Sometimes not even eating at all which is going to increase the risk of thyroid problems.

You no longer have time to workout or even go for a walk.

You start to think

Why am I feeling so tired all the time?

Why is my doctor telling me I need to see all of these specialists? I do all the right things.

Why does my wife always ‘have a headache’ when i try to be intimate with her?

Stage 3 - Guilt and Shame

You decide to get a check up with the doctor.

Your blood pressure is off the chart, your cholesterol is at dangerously high levels and your liver isn’t doing too well either.

He tells you that if you keep going the way you are that you are headed toward dire consequences and could end up dead if you don’t make some healthy changes.

At first you think your doctor is just being stupid, you are indestructable, right!

Then one day you feel light headed, you feel a pain in your arm and chest and you wake up in the hospital.

Your doctor wasn't kidding. You have just narrowly escaped death.
Your wife is next to your bed crying and worried.

You can’t run your business from the hospital.

Your wife has had to take time off to help you recover.

You realise the stress that this has brought onto your family.

You imagine your wife and kids left with all of your stress and worry how they will manage without you.

You hate seeing them so upset

You blame yourself. You feel guilty for putting your family through this

You feel guilty that you’ve let yourself get into this state, you realise that you have lost control. That your health should actually be at the forefront of your life.

Without your health you won't have a business or a family. You will have hospital visits, sickness and maybe even death.

At the end of it all, you feel shame. You feel shame for who you have become and you realise things have got to change.

Stage 4 - Scarcity, stress and starvation

You decide it’s time to lose weight.

So you look up the latest fad and buy yourself some ‘weightloss’ tablets.

You have to cut out carbs, you aren't allowed to have any of the things you like.

You are living on tablets.

The weight drops off so you stop the ‘diet’

In a few months you are back to where you were.

And this cycle continues over and over again

This instant gratification and fast weightloss make you feel like you are taking your power back but you haven't learnt anything. It’s a quick fix at best.

You give up.

You think maybe you are meant to be this way?

You don’t have time to keep doing all these unrealistic things and staying on those diets makes you miserable.

The excuses start rolling in.

As this cycle repeats itself over many months and years, You stop believing in yourself and you become depressed .

Brother, this may have already happened to you,

You may have experienced this cycle already..

And if you haven’t yet, you might be reading this thinking that you’re different.

That somehow you’ve got it all figured out and that your circumstances are different.

Just like gaining 30 kilos and becoming obese hasn’t happened overnight yet it’s happening. Your career has taken podium
one and you have buried not only the relationships you have
but also you have buried the very basic needs you require to live your best life.

The road to this lifestyle is slow and you barely notice.

Chances are, you’re already in this cycle, you just don’t know it yet.
Don’t believe me?

Just like you, most businessmen think that everything is fine, until it isn’t. This is how the four stages play out inside your life.

With your eyes still half asleep, you find your way from bed to the coffee machine

2 shots, a shower

And in 30 minutes, you’re out the door.

You grab a sausage roll and a can of Red Bull on the way.

You get into the office

You start thinking about your priorities,

There is a stack of paperwork on your desk,

You have to remember what you did yesterday, what you need to do today

But before you know it you arent getting any of those things done.
You’re pulled in by so many different people

A team member wants this marketing project from you.

A client wants to speak to you.

You have meetings you forgot to schedule in,

And before you know it.

It’s 3pm.

Where did your morning just go?

And how did it suddenly get hijacked?

As you find some space for yourself, You crack your Red Bull and just decide to go over some of the company numbers.

Sales are down 35% for the month, your workers don’t seem to be performing as they once were
You start thinking about how to create a better workplace to up your sales.

You wonder why you can’t get good employees.

The pressure piles on.

Your mind panics,

And the rest of the day is figuring out how to get back on track.

You get home with zero energy

Your wife doesn't have dinner ready so you decide it’s easier to order something from uber eats or eat a plate of pasta than it is to create a healthy meal
You crack a beer, grab a bag of chips and head for the couch for another night of mind numbing television. It soothes you.

You start to finally relax. Then your kids want you to play with them and give them attention, which you do reluctantly because you don’t have the energy for them. You are lucky to give them 5 minutes before you are completely worn out and distracted again.

It’s finally time for bed and you try it on with your wife but she rejects you.

Another day, gone and all you’ve had is caffeine and take away. You feel like shit and your wife doesn't want to sleep with you because somewhere along the way she has stopped being attracted to you.

Oh and to top it off you can’t sleep because you drank 5 coffee’s and a red bull.

And after months of repeating versions of this cycle.

You are starting to feel less like yourself.

You are tipping the scales and you have noticed that you don’t feel like doing any of the things that used to bring you joy.

You feel powerless and undesirable. Who would want a guy who looks the way you do?

There are no more attempts at playing with the kids or going on picnics.

You’ve noticed that you aren’t as strong as you were.

Your doctor is warning you that you have serious health issues.

You’ve tried a bunch of ‘diets’ but you just keep going back into that routine that is keeping you sick, tired and run down.

Deep down you feel Depressed and anxious that you aren't going to be able to change this problem you have created.

What the heck happened? You were doing all the things expected of you and instead of feeling powerful and successful, you feel less than.

Just like you, I too thought everything in my life was ‘fine’ until it wasn’t.

I just want to quickly give you a little insight into how I got to where I am today and what I had to go through to make it all happen. Nothing comes without hard work and dedication and this is what I will teach you in my programme.

There really is nothing worse than not being happy with

the reflection staring back at you every day, it’s a hard pill to swallow!

I started off active and fit as a kid and always loved sports. I did my sports and fitness training to become a Personal Trainer when I was straight out of school and joined the army reserves.

I was lucky in my early twenties to have played professional football for one of the NRL clubs in Sydney but because of the way I played the game, I ended up with too many injuries from putting my body on the line. The final nail in the coffin was getting my ear almost bitten off in a ruck and spending 2 weeks getting a skin graft in Auburn Hospital in Sydney.

It was at this point I decided to hang up the boots and get myself a desk job. I loved working there and was moving toward my goals. I was working a LOT of overtime but my work was consuming me.

Before too long, with no physical training and still eating the same number of calories, I ended up tipping the scales at 145kg. I became depressed, I started sabotaging my relationships and felt I had no hope in the world.

My journey back to good health started one day when I saw my rugby mate Matt, who told me 'I'd never get back to where I was'. This lit up the fire in my belly. My mind was made up. So I gathered all of my own Personal Training knowledge and my army training and began devising a training system that I knew would work for me.

Something I noticed very quickly was that gyms were very unsupportive and the ego mindset kept struggling people feeling not good enough and uncomfortable.

A quick google search for nutrition plans and training systems shows you how daunting and confusing trying to get an informed grasp on nutrition and fitness can be. Any wonder people are confused, yoyo dieting or giving up before they even start and almost NONE of them even mention working on mindset or wellness.

I wanted something that meant I could maintain my life with as little changes or disruption as possible. While still challenging myself and creating the person I want to be.

I reached out to some of my industry buddies, started researching diets and gaining knowledge through some of the top experts in the country and overseas. (Most were happy to share their experience with me).

Once I started seeing my results I knew I could help other people who were feeling left out, confused and discouraged with all the information and all the failed diets out there.

No more excuses

No more accepting that this is how my life was going to be.

My doctor informed me that if I kept going, I was headed for the hard road of appointments and long waits which I didn't have time for and I definitely didn't want to be spending all my money on pharmaceuticals.

Every day my mind told me I wasn't good enough

Every day my mind lied to me and told me that it was too hard and why bother.

Every other day I tried to talk myself out of my training

Every day, I had to fight the thoughts that held me in that place which had me feeling like shit.

I learnt techniques in my mindset to overcome that little self sabotaging voice.

I learnt how to be prepared when that voice tried to beat me.

I learnt about macronutrients and how they affect my body

I spoke to a nutritionist and fixed my food.

And I got my arse moving every day even when I didn't think I had time
or didn't want to.

All without spending all day in the gym, without depriving myself of all my favourite foods, without further sacrificing my health nor my social life.

In fact my new habits attracted new friends on the same path as me who are still my very good friends today.

I went from the depressed, anxious 145kg shell of my original self to a strong and far better man than ever before. The real magic is that I maintained that lifestyle and later was able to step into a place of leadership for others who had also lost their way.

I decided that I wanted to enter a bodybuilding comp (something I didn't see myself doing just a few short years before). Training alongside 3 times winner of INBA PNBA Mr. Natural Olympia Josh Sinclair. I was able to step
on the stage and placed third in my division.

I decided to use what I’d learnt during my transformation to help other people, unravel their bulls^&t and reach their potential just like I had done.

I started Body Beyond Bootcamp in my dad's backyard with 2 girls a kettlebell and a dream and then Body Beyond Limits my very own gym 3 years later where I’ve used my knowledge to help change the lives of hundreds of men and women. You are welcome to see them on my business page on Facebook and google. Body beyond limits

I’ve refined and developed a bulletproof system that incorporates into YOUR LIFE. It’s a complete overhaul.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars working with industry professionals, Gym launch, Jay Piggin, Adrian D’Amarco, Cathy Feenan and Georgia Wendt to name a few so I could refine and develop this bulletproof, plug and play system that will help you take your power back!
...And brother, if you‘re ready to take your power back

If you’re ready to stop living a life where you feel less than.

And you’re ready to build an energetic happy, healthy life

One where you can feel supported and appreciated

Then I want to share this powerful system I call The Mind Body Masterclass with you.

Don’t take what I’m about to share with you lightly.

Many men will skip this letter, hoping that they’ll find the secret in a magic pill.

But you brother, if you’ve made it this far, then you’re a man on a committed cause.

Read every word carefully.


Phase 1. Mindset

Mindset is your ability to get clear on the person you want to be, the life you would like to live and how you deal with making mistakes and how you deal with failure.
You need to have the mindset to succeed before you do anything else! Build a solid mindset and WIN every day!

Phase 2. Motivation

Become a man capable of seeing the vision and gain the skill sets in order to pull it off.
 When you become stronger and more positive you become a better leader, role model, father husband and friend. All it takes is the right tools to keep you motivated

Phase 3. Means

Achieve your potential by effectively utilising the tools you have at your disposal.
Having “all the gear and no idea” is how I describe people who seem to have all the tools at their disposal but fail to utilise them to their potential.


Real success is about making a decision, telling your mates and mentors and creating an opportunity for them to support you.
You learn that having people on your side is a power move in itself


Phase 5. Mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen! 
Most people give up when they've made a mistake but accepting mistakes and improving is a Power move!
Learn to accept mistakes and resolve the thoughts and feelings that ultimately defeat you and forge forward as the warrior that you are!

Phase 6.Maintenance/Michael O’Sullivan

Continue your journey with the confidence and consistently to decrease your risk of avoidable diseases, boost your immune system and feel incredible for years to come.
AND You've got ME. I'm 100% dedicated to see you succeed! 

Mastering these six phases around Mindset, motivation, means, mates and mentors, mistakes and mentors and Maintenance will be the most important journey you will undertake in your life.

If you’d like to take the opportunity to create the fundamentals of your new super success, learn more about what we’re doing and how to apply to the ELITE POWER MOVES FUNDAMENTALS program then your next step is to join the FUNDAMENTALS program.  A 6 month Coaching and implementation system where we’ll install the 6 M’s inside of your world.
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